Research Assistant with focus on Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure
| Sep 2018 - Present, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Golang Software Engineer
| Mai 2018 - Aug 2018, Loodse GmbH

Application Manager
| Jan 2015 - Aug 2018, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

Volunteer & Extracurricular Work

Maintainer Drone.io Plugins
| May 2018 - Present, Drone.io

In my spare time I work as a maintainer for Drone.io plugins. I wrote the hugo plugin and take care of updating various projects within the organization.

Tutor for programming and support in starting studies
| March 2017 - Feb2018, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

During my studies I worked as a tutor and taught students programming. The focus of the tutorial was on the programming language Java and learning different methodologies and competences in programming.

Vice-Chairman and treasurer of the student self-administration
| June 2016 - Mai 2018 Studierendenwerk Hamburg

During my studies I worked in the student self-administration in my dormitory. As a member I took care of the needs of the residents and exchange students. Events for the community, purchases and repairs within the dormitory were financed and organized.


Master of Science (Computer Science)
| Sep 2018 - Present

I am currently doing my Master of Science in computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, which I expect to complete in 2020. During my Masters I specialize in cloud solutions and virtual infrastructure. I am mainly interested in topics like cluster provisioning, (hard-)multitenancy and serverless solutions on Kubernetes.

Bachelor of Science (Business Informatics)
| Sep 2015 - Aug 2018

Thesis: Test Concepts For Microservice Architectures

Bachelor of Science Degree (B.A. Sc.) in business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. The bachelor programme combines business administration and computer science. Specialization during my bachelor thesis on testing distributed systems in cloud environments and developing a test concept for a sample microservice architecure.

IT Management Assistant (Apprenticeship)
| Aug 2012 - Jan 2015

Training as an IT Management Assistant (in german called “Informatikkaufmann”) at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. Hamburg Messe und Congress is a full-service provider with service in organizing and conducting national and international exhibitions and conferences. My final practical project of apprenticeship training was a cost-benefit analysis of the introduction of an interface solution between two systems in trade fair operation.

Technical Skills